02 February 2012

More Bach!

My piano teacher is getting slightly fed up with my Bach...

I really just can't get enough Bach! I catalogued the whole pile of music I had just lying around. 145 pieces by Bach, to 127 pieces by other composers. Mainly Brahms, and a couple of Liszt.

Nothing stops the oncoming Bach though.

I don't think I've learned that many of his pieces, to be honest with you. I've learned two preludes, one fugue, two inventions, learning his 'Toccata and Fugue' (the one and only, but not much time available at the church organ, luckily pedals aren't too hard), a Toccata in E minor, and two arias...can't think of much else...but then again, no other composers...Liszt is just too impossible though! Chopin or Mozart might be a good idea...can't find anything that I really like as much as Bach though.

Do tell me if there's anything you think I should learn! I think Chopin is good, not too difficult.

Might look at some of his etudes. I need something to play for the next time I perform (and judging by the organisation of the music department at my school, that's never) but it's good to have some other people in your repertoire!

My father hates Chopin though. But my mother loves him. Choices....

Chopin it is.

Sorry Dad!



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