06 julho 2012, Artigo
Performance tonight
Tonight, I'm performing to showcase my school's talent. I fond out about it 2 weeks ago, but was told nothing else about when and where to perform. I found out that it was at the local theatre (could have been at the school) only 2 days ago. I was supposed to be singing with the choir, as a bass, but I'm not for two reasons. 1) I've not been in school recently, so haven't turned up to many rehearsals. 2) We're singing the love theme from 'Titanic', at least we were in rehearsals anyway. I know ...
26 junho 2012, Notícias
Exams are over!
The exams are finally over for this year! Early holidays... ...means 2 things. 1) more music for my (very small) crowd of fans! I plan to work on some string quartet and piano stuff, which will be amazing as it means I can actually look at melody relationships between the piano and the other instruments, and start to be more creative with the string parts. 2) I also plan to teach myself a little bit of violin, but Bach's works for violin are a bit out of my league at the minute...Vivaldi and ...
09 maio 2012, Artigo
Andrea Baker :D
Oh my guuuuh! THAT WAS AMAZING :D I played 'Habanera' from Carmen with her, and she sang :D I also played Faure's 'Ici-bas', which I totally messed up, but what the Hell. MY GUUUH! :D So happy! :D :D :D I now look forward to performing tomorrow, which, while I don't get to play with an internationally known opera singer, is still good! :D I'll see you guys later :P
25 abril 2012, Notícias
Performance of flute Sonata No. 2 - Allegro Moderato
Just got back home from recording the first movement of the flute sonata. It went amazingly well! my flutist played brilliantly, and my music teacher thinks I'm going to get an A. Thanks again, if my flutist should read this :)
19 abril 2012, Notícias
Hey you guys, I haven't been able to upload music recently, I've got so many exams to revise for! My music exam shouldn't be too hard though, I daresay! I think the hardest one would be biology, maybe chemistry. All the others are fine, maths is just remembering the right equation. I was practicing one of Bach's flute sonatas with a friend today, she's too good at maths, she gets A*s all the time. I wish I was that good! I am fortunate in my musical 'prowess' though. After moderation by the exam board, ...
02 fevereiro 2012, Artigo
More Bach!
I really just can't get enough Bach! I catalogued the whole pile of music I had just lying around. 145 pieces by Bach, to 127 pieces by other composers. Mainly Brahms, and a couple of Liszt. Nothing stops the oncoming Bach though. I don't think I've learned that many of his pieces, to be honest with you. I've learned two preludes, one fugue, two inventions, learning his 'Toccata and Fugue' (the one and only, but not much time available at the church organ, luckily pedals aren't too hard), a ...
30 janeiro 2012, Artigo
Performance with Andrea Baker
In May 2012, I am to accompany Andrea Baker, a mezzo-soprano opera singer, on piano. Nervous! I have not done anything as large as this yet, and so am looking forwards to the experience, but with a sense of vague fear. Not much can go wrong though. It's funny how it all started really. I was learning the parts to a choral piece that the choir will be doing with her in May 2012, and her pianist had left about an hour ago. My music teacher suddenly realised that we were going to need someone ...