19 April 2012


Hey you guys, I haven't been able to upload music recently, I've got so many exams to revise for! My music exam shouldn't be too hard though, I daresay! I think the hardest one would be biology, maybe chemistry. All the others are fine, maths is just remembering the right equation. I was practicing one of Bach's flute sonatas with a friend today, she's too good at maths, she gets A*s all the time. I wish I was that good! I am fortunate in my musical 'prowess' though. After moderation by the exam board, I shall upload the pieces I composed for my GCSE for you, they're quite good (if I may say so myself). The solo piano one is quite difficult, I can barely play it myself yet! The first one I composed is a blues style piece for piano, electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. My drum-writing skills aren't excellent either, so the drummer only hits one drum and one cymbal during the entire piece!

Oh well. On Tuesday the 24th I will be performing the first movement of Bach's second flute sonata (in Eb major) with a very talented flutist, I'm so glad she could do it with me! She received the music only on Monday this week, and came to me on Wednesday and we were able to play it (with a few minor accidents) and after practicing today, it is now almost ready for performance. One last practice session on Monday should do it, then we should be ready. She's been really fantastic in helping me with this section of the GCSE, and if she ever reads this, I thank her again!

These performances aren't really anything though, it's been too long since I performed in front of a proper audience, and ever since performing the Prelude No. 1 in C (Bach, BWV 846) in I think July last year, I've been wanting to perform for a long time, but with a change in the head of department, the only thing I'll be able to perform sometime soon will be with the choir, not solo piano. I probably should ask, I could probably perform the Allegro Moderato from the flute sonata as well as something on my own.

I'm working on a large solo piano piece, be sure to check it out when I upload it :) Goodbye for now!



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