Modern piano music


Alexander Barlow

You could say that I am inexperienced in the ways of performance, but I believe that this does not hinder me in any way.

So far, I have played one piece in front of an audience, Bach's prelude no. 1 in C, at the Alnwick Playhouse in March 2010.

However, this May, I will be performing with the mezzo-soprano opera singer Andrea Baker, again at the Alnwick Playhouse.

I sing in the Duchess's Community High School Choir, and accompany the Duchess's Community High School's King's men.

My compositions have a bit more to boast though.

I have started 24 studies for beginners to introduce young musicians to the keyboard, and am intending to write another 24 for a higher level of difficulty.

After this, I intend to write a set of 8 waltzes, and throughout am working on various choral works.

I have not much thought what to do after this, but I think it would be a good idea to work on organ pieces.